Product does not start after update on Linux (error: undefined symbol: JLI_InitArgProcessing / JLI_StringDup)

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When the product is updated, a new Java version will be included. We have noticed that sometimes the service does not start, especially when a Java VM has been installed previously.

The service that we install requires the java runtime executable (runtime/bin/java) to have certain traits to allow the service to run at port 80 and 443 - or any other port in the restricted services range below 1024.

The service does therefore use the setcap 'cap_net_bind_service+ep' program to ensure these traits. In addition the the LD_LIBRARY_PATH has to be set so the java program can access This is done using a custom file entry in the path /etc/ with a single line to the path of and an update of the ldconfig.

The error undefined symbol: JLI_InitArgProcessing or JLI_StringDup can be mitigated by checking for previous java installations that might interfere. Check the /etc/ path for a *-java.conf file and its contents. It is possible that this file is a leftover and can be moved aside.

Re-run sudo ldconfig to reload any changes made in the /etc/ path and try to restart the service.

In short order:

  • ls /etc/ | grep java
    • There should be only one file with the name <service>-java.conf
    • You may check the content of the other files. If they do not match the installation folder of the service: move them aside
  • sudo ldconfig

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