"No connection to server!" - What is the Offline Page?

The Offline Page, stating “No connection to server!”, is always displayed when the server is not available after reloading the page. There are several reasons for this, all of which have to do with network or connection problems. The Offline Page checks every three seconds if a new connection can be established to make the application available as soon as possible.

Reasons for the Offline Page being displayed:

  • The server is not running

    • Did the service start?
    • Are there errors in the log file?
    • Is the server being updated? Please be patient - it will be back!
  • There are network issues

    • Can the server name be resolved?
    • Is your server is inside a VPN? Is the VPN still connected?
    • Is there an invalid SSL certificate involved? You should check the certificate or add/renew an exception to your browser.

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