License activation, trial and full

Licenses of i-net PDFC are limited to a certain PC or server. So in order to create a license it has to be registered for that PC or server. If there is an active connection to the internet, the registration will run automatically.

How to get a license with limited or no access to the internet?

To create a license for your PC or server you’ll first have to determine the hardware ID of that system. The hardware ID is like a fingerprint of the PC or server and can be obtained from any installation type of i-net PDFC.

  • Server - open the online configuration manager and select the license dialog, the hardware ID is the first entry in this dialog.
  • Desktop application - open the info dialog, click on ‘get support’ and then click on the button ‘Save info for support’, the generated file contains the hardware ID
  • SDK - execute the following command on the command line to get the hardware ID: java -jar java/pdfc.jar -generateinfo

Once you’ve obtained the hardware ID, open online activation form to create the license:

Enter or copy the hardware ID into this form. If you’ve got a purchased activation key, please click on ‘I already purchased an Activation Key’ to open up the input for the activation key as well. Finally click on the creation button to create a license.
Caution The activation key will be registered to the entered hardware ID. Switching to another hardware ID is not possible once the key is activated!

You can use the created license key just like the activation key in i-net PDFC, but without the requirement for an active connection to the internet.

I get an ‘Decryption error’ when activating

This error occurs if i-net PDFC is unable to decode the license key. There are various reasons for that error:

  • i-net PDFC could not establish a a direct connection to the license server when using an activation key. This may happen in restricted networks with proxy servers or gateways which intercept and modify the connection. Please use the online form to create a the license key.
  • The entered license is for a different version. Licenses of version 3 and 4 a not compatible and will cause an error when used with another version. In case of a one year license please activate the product another time with the original activation key to create a valid license key.