Is there a web based API which can be used to get access to the repository?

We want access the repository from the client via API. Is there an API and where can we find the documentation?

Yes, there is a remote API. But there is no public documentation because the API has no stable state. It can change frequently in future versions. It is an internal API which is used from designer. Here is a short description for version 14.1.

Needed rights: To access the API the used user account needs the access right “Remote Designer”.

Needed plugins: repository, jsonrepository

Service URL: http:<YourServer:port>/jsonrpc/repository

Syntax: The API is a JSON RPC 2.0 but you can also use an older version to access.


  • FolderDescription = Root()
  • List<FolderDescription> = Folders(String parent)
  • FolderDescription = Folder(String parent, String name)
  • List<FileDescription> = Files(String parent)
  • FileDescription = File(String parent, String name)
  • FolderDescription = CreateFolder(String parent, String name)
  • FileDescription = CreateFile(String parent, String name)
  • FileDescription/FolderDescription = Rename(String parent, String name)
  • Boolean = Delete(String element)
  • Boolean = Exists(String element)
  • ASCII-String = Thumbnail(String name)
  • List<String> = Keywords(String name)
  • Boolean = SetKeywords(String name, String… keywords)
  • List<String> = Search(String phrase)
  • String = ServerVersion()
  • List<FontFamily> = AvailableFonts()
  • Boolean = Save(String name, ASCII-String data)
  • ASCII-String = Load(String name)

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