How can I install i-net Clear Reports in silent mode on Windows?

Since version 16.0 the setup of i-net Clear Reports use the standard MSI installer. WIth the following command line (run as administrator) you can install the reporting server in silent mode.

clear-reports-server.msi /quiet /norestart /l*v install.log


clear-reports-server.msi /quiet INSTALLDIR=“C:\MyInstallDir”

More options can you see if you start:


from the command line or you search the internet for command line parameters of msiexec.

After you have installed you need to do some configuration settings like license key, port, etc. You can import a configuration via command line (run as administrator):

“%ProgramFiles%\i-net Clear Reports\jre\bin\java” -jar “%ProgramFiles%\i-net Clear Reports\core\ClearReports.jar” -forceImportConfig System/Default

More details to command line parameters can you find at

Creating the properties file find you in the FAQ.

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