HTTP ERROR: 401 Unauthorized - Login required to execute reports


Some questions to clarify:

  • Which reporting URL do you use to download the report? Some URLs like the repository user home directory requires a login.
  • Do you use some sort of login or do you want download the reports anonymous?
  • Does your report server requires a login for administrative access (recommended) ?

Possible solutions:
If you does not require any login on your report server for security reasons then you can disable “Restrict Permissions” in the Configuration Manager dialog “Users and Groups”.

If you need administrative logins to the report server but want anonymous report executions then you can enable the permission “Execute All reports” for the group “All Users” in the module “Users and Groups”.

If your users need to login to execute reports then you need to enable the access permission to the reports for the groups and/or users that should be able to execute it. This can be done in the Repository Browser.

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